We are the Pension Specialists

We offer independent pension advice in Milton Keynes and surrounding areas. We work with you to ensure you have the comfortable retirement you deserve after a lifetime of work. The earlier you start planning, the better your pension provisions will be. Under-performing pensions and poor management can seriously erode the value of your final pension pot.

Independent Financial Adviser

Independent advice is assured. We are not tied or restricted to any providers.

Clear on Fees and Charges

All our fees are explained in writing. There are never any hidden charges.


Independently reviewed and recommended as one of the top IFAs in the UK

What pension savings do you have?

This is the most important place to start with pension advice. We can help you locate old pensions and gather all the information you require.

If you think you have some pensions from the past but have forgotten the details, a good place to start is government’s The Pension Tracing Service

With just basic information they will do their best to locate any schemes you may have joined, totally free of charge.

How are the pension investments performing?

We will contact your exiting pension provider to understand how your pension money is invested, how it is performing and what you are paying in charges. Even the gains from the best performing pension funds can be neutered by high charges, commissions and fees.

Did you know that you may be still paying an annual commission to your original adviser, even if you may not have spoken to them for many years?

How can you benefit from pension advice?

We use the latest software that runs complex calculations to understand how your money is forecasted to grow.
It will compare your current investments to the whole market. We can then help you understand you options.

The younger you are, the more important it is that your money is being worked hard to build compound growth for your retirement.

Options for taking income in retirement

The best way to take your income in retirement is going to be unique to you.
The options can be overwhelming and very confusing.

Should you take your tax free cash?
Do you have to or should you buy an annuity?
Do you need a spouses income?
What guarantees do you require?
Have you explored income drawdown?
If so, do you require phased or flexible drawdown?

and so on and so on and so on…

Don’t worry. Our advice will take you through all your options, with no jargon and at your own pace.