Free Mortgage Advice in Milton Keynes

If you are looking for free mortgage advice in Milton Keynes and need a mortgage for at least £150,000, we can help as we do not charge a broker fee for most clients*.

We will help you find the best mortgage for your circumstances. We will also
apply for your agreement-in-principle, complete your application and then handle all the administration for you.

We are independent financial advisers and whole-of-market to show you all your options.


Independent Mortgage Broker

Reviewing the whole market for you

Whole of Market

We search through thousands of mortgages for you.


Independently reviewed and recommended as one of the top IFAs in the UK

Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.


We know the Mortgage Industry.

It has become much harder to obtain a mortgage over the past few years.

We are providing independent mortgage advice every day and dealing with mortgage lenders on a day-to-day basis. We can advise which lenders are the most suitable for your situation.

We also know the mortgage application criteria that each lender has. We can use this experience to bear when giving you mortgage advice and processing your application.

We may also have direct contact with managers and underwriters depending on the mortgage lender. We can exert influence and chase things in a way you just can’t do by yourself.

Best of all the lenders pay us for the service, not you! The majority of our clients don’t pay us a penny for mortgage advice*.

Having Mortgage Difficulties?

We can help most clients in most circumstances but if you are currently behind on your payments and in arrears there will be very little mortgage advice that we can give to help you.

You should of course, firstly speak to your lender and explain the difficulties you are having meeting your payments. They may be able to work out a payment plan, especially if the problems are short term.

Further information for mortgage repayment problems can be found free of charge at the FCA’s Money advice Service or from The Citizens Advice Bureau

*No broker fee is charged on prime residential and buy-to-let mortgages over £150,000.
A non-refundable broker fee of £145 is charged on application for prime mortgages between £100,000 and £149,999.
A non-refundable broker fee of £295 is charged on all other mortgages types, including shared ownership.